Dr. Farmer

 To paraphrase Albert Einstein, “I’m no better at solving problems than anyone else; people just give me longer to find the answers”.

The answer to hospital infections, eczema, and other diseases have arisen from my work .

In truth, I’ve been given time, and a lot of help, to find those answers. My real contribution lies in finding the questions. I love science, philosophy and debate, yet the tool I rely on most is common sense.

Science, philosophy and debate led to 10% of the developed world’s population developing eczema. Now common sense suggests eczema sufferers stop treating the symptoms so their skin fixes itself. Finding the right question took me time and led to this common sense answer. Eczema has now a disease of choice: continue managing it or end it.

Ending avoidable hospital infections is perfectly feasible yet medical paradigms are reluctant to embrace common sense answers.  Luckily, the public have found the message woven into my novel, The Reaper’s Rainbow, which allows them to avoid developing the infections when they become patients.  As more of them do that, the problem will stop before it starts.   I’m known for leaving people with the confidence to defeat these diseases with a little new knowledge and a lot of old common sense.

To read more about Dr. Farmer go to his personal website – Dr Harley Farmer . com

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